Seeking new ways to save the music industry – Social Distance Musical theatre

Paul Ettore Tabone

German translation

It came as a shock to many that all people at Londons iconic „Phantom of the Opera“ where released from their contracts. Rumors are heard that the show’s original version which had been playing for 34 years is to be replaced with the touring version of the show. Fans are shocked by this news. The actors that have been released from obligation are now seeking projects elsewhere. We talked to Paul Ettore Tabone, who has been with The Phantom of the Opera in London for the past four years.

„This is such a sad time for Theatre. Our show has been running for 34 years at Her Majesty’s Theatre, and sadly we are now all released from obligation, due to the pandemic. I am so grateful I was able to take part in this wonderful show, and be part of The Phantom of the Opera Legacy here in London, in the Brilliant Original Production“, Paul told us.

Before moving to London Paul has been part of Love Never Dies productions in Australia as well as in Germany. Now Paul is looking into new opportunities. As a first step, Paul will take part in one of Europe’s first socially distanced concerts, which takes place an July 3 in Coimbra (Portugal) as part of the city’s summer festival celebrations. „As one door closes, another opens. I have been invited to sing with the Orquestra Classics Dos Centros, conducted and produced by Nuno Feist. I will perform with a large orchestra & The First Choir in a concert dedicated to „The Best of Musicals“. I am especially happy to perform with my friends Lara Martins, Britt Lenting and Henrique Fiest.“

Theatre and festivals all over Europe slowly start again, however due to the global COVID 19 pandemic, theatres have closed all over London’s West End, with reopening forecasted for 2021. „I understand the effect that this pandemic has had on my industry and have seen the devastation it has caused on my colleagues as well. I am very lucky to be part in this momentous occasion and to take part in a monumental move forward in this fight to save our industry and the music.“